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12/14/2011 Nu Skin Enterprises Acquires LifeGen Technologies
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10/21/2010 - LifeGen Technologies awarded Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institute on Aging
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10/22/2009 - Nu Skin signs Research Agreement with LifeGen Technologies

LifeGen Co-founder Richard Weindruch featured on CBS's 60 Minutes news story on resveratrol and calorie restriction
1/25/2009 Link to story and video

LifeGen researchers report that consumption of a low dose of the red wine molecule resveratrol mimics the gene expression profile of mice subjected to a calorie-restricted diet.
6/4/2008 - PLoS ONE

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The core of LifeGen’s R&D effort lies in using gene chips to establish the world’s largest database on gene expression alterations associated with aging, its retardation by calorie restriction, and its modification by pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. In addition to our internal research, we offer a diverse range of services to companies wishing to identify potential health benefits of their products.

Contract Research

LifeGen Technologies is committed to providing the highest level of contract research services. LifeGen is uniquely positioned to provide contract research services in the fields of aging, gene chips, and genomics. In addition, we offer many “quality of life” assays.

LifeGen has also developed a web-accessible database application for analysis and interpretation of transcriptomic data. Using this application, clients can rapidly analyze their gene expression data to identify genes and metabolic pathways affected by treatment.

We treat all research with a great deal of respect and confidentiality. Please contact us directly to learn more about these services.

Gene Expression

LifeGen Technologies maintains an extensive gene expression database of the transcriptional response to aging and calorie restriction in multiple tissues. Access to the gene expression database is through a web browser and is available as a paid subscription. Our proprietary database allows you to rapidly identify genes and metabolic pathways affected by your treatment of interest, and also provides for graphical comparisons of the overlap between treatment and the effect of aging and calorie restriction.

This database will surely save pharmaceutical and supplement development companies a significant amount of time in their research. Leveraging the information in our databases will allow a firm to predict with more accuracy how drugs will react with specific genes and provide the basis for faster development of breakthrough drugs.

Drug & Supplement Development

LifeGen Technologies’ resources and capabilities can help a prospective partner save time and money in the pre-clinical stage of the drug development process. Specifically, by working together, we can improve a drug discovery company’s drug target discovery rate and optimize compound screening. Such collaboration promises to save drug and supplement developers a significant amount of time and money. To learn more about exploring an R&D partner relationship, please contact us.

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