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12/14/2011 Nu Skin Enterprises Acquires LifeGen Technologies
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10/21/2010 - LifeGen Technologies awarded Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institute on Aging
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10/22/2009 - Nu Skin signs Research Agreement with LifeGen Technologies

LifeGen Co-founder Richard Weindruch featured on CBS's 60 Minutes news story on resveratrol and calorie restriction
1/25/2009 Link to story and video

LifeGen researchers report that consumption of a low dose of the red wine molecule resveratrol mimics the gene expression profile of mice subjected to a calorie-restricted diet.
6/4/2008 - PLoS ONE

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LifeGen was co-founded in November 2000 by Drs. Richard Weindruch and Tomas A. Prolla, professors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and leaders in the fields of gerontology and genetics. Drs. Prolla and Weindruch were the first scientists to use DNA microarrays (“Gene Chips”) to measure gene activity in mammalian tissues. Their research is the subject of several pending patents filed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and licensed to LifeGen. Drs. Weindruch and Prolla anticipate filing additional, related patents shortly. Their groundbreaking work led to the publication of the seminal Science magazine article “Gene Expression Profile of Aging and Its Retardation by Caloric Restriction”, published in 1999, as well as subsequent articles published in various leading scientific journals, and the popular press.

Utilizing oligonucleotide-based arrays (also known as “GeneChips”), they have focused their studies on the aging process, including the effect of caloric restriction on aging. Specifically, the scientists have discovered and validated genes related to aging. This research will permit LifeGen to partner with companies to develop pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds to retard aging. LifeGen has also constructed an extensive, proprietary gene expression database on aging, which allows it to provide vital information to life sciences companies. Drs. Weindruch’s and Prolla’s knowledge, experience, and network of contacts in the gerontology, genetics and biotechnology industries provide LifeGen with the resources to be a leader in the field of aging genomics.

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