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12/14/2011 Nu Skin Enterprises Acquires LifeGen Technologies
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10/21/2010 - LifeGen Technologies awarded Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institute on Aging
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10/22/2009 - Nu Skin signs Research Agreement with LifeGen Technologies

LifeGen Co-founder Richard Weindruch featured on CBS's 60 Minutes news story on resveratrol and calorie restriction
1/25/2009 Link to story and video

LifeGen researchers report that consumption of a low dose of the red wine molecule resveratrol mimics the gene expression profile of mice subjected to a calorie-restricted diet.
6/4/2008 - PLoS ONE

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Carmen L. Underwood, Ph.D. Director

Dr. Carmen L. Underwood is the Chief Operating Officer at APT Pharmaceuticals, a drug manufacturer focused on repurposing well-characterized medicines for under-served populations. Carmen used to serve as the Head of West Coast Operations for Thrive, a product development and innovation strategy firm. He also spent 9 years in biological research and development for AstraZeneca, a research-based biopharmaceutical company. Carmen has been involved with the development and approval of several medications in America and Europe. He earned a Ph.D in immunology from Georgia State University and earned a fellowship from the Georgia Health Sciences University.

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